Turn on the AC coz PS4 is on FIRE!! – and burning rival Xbox One – Gates, you might wanna lay low for a couple of weeks

OH NO THEY DIDN’T!!…. PS4 has just nailed its picture next to the dictionary meaning of Kicking Ass, ass being that of long time high school rival, Xbox One!
Sony-Used-Games ps4_1-645x250
Now, this makes me happy on so many levels. Here’s why.
First of all, Microsoft has been enjoying the reign of console for too long now, while our long-lost-90′s-fav Sony was stuck eating dust! Yes, it’s true that Xbox 360 had some cool things about it, but dammit – we don’t forget our exes so quickly! And Sony was definitely that previous lover who we’d run into on the street, nod shyly at and keep walking, while texting a friend something like, ‘you’re not gonna BELIEVE who I just saw…”. But suddenly, Sony decides to take all the wrongdoings we’ve been handling recently with Microsoft, and turn it against it! us! it! I mean, it! yes.
So what am I talking about – here’s some sh*t we have to put up with when buying Xbox One which PS4 just eliminated, as announced at E3:
 - PS4 will be open for retail selling of used games – unlike Xbox which has created some weirdo ass restrictions including something like, i can only pass it to a friend if they’ve been on my friends list for the past 30 days?! wtf. Oh btw, Bill Gates, there’s a thing called eBay which some of us, just a tiny fraction, like to USE SOMETIMES!
 - PS4 will NOT require online check ins every 24 hours – you bought the game, it’s yours, do whatever you want. Sounds like, duh, but Microsoft has been getting sh*tloads of  smack the past few days after the unraveling of PRISM and the fact that staying connected via our Kinnect 24/7 might, uhm, INVADE OUR PRIVACY JUST A TAD!
 - PS4 is $100 cheaper! if that’s not a final kick in the good old balls, i don’t know what is.
WELL. I’m sure even the non-gamers out there realize all of this, put together,  is pretty much like saying:
 - BJs 4 times a week
 - Sex 7 times a week
 - No need to cuddle
And for the MOTHER of all bitchslaps – the PS4 console just got VERY similar in exterior to that of Xbox! ohh.. that’s gotta hurt, Gates ;)
*one side note: I like how those in favor of Microsoft say, “well they still have the Halo brand”. YAH. last time someone played that was 2004. But I like your perseverance. Good stuff. Be strong.

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